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Michelle’s Table does charcuterie too!

Available to order and perfect for any occasion, charcuterie has quickly become the focal point of many events. Delicious meats and cheeses, dips and toppings - giving you endless pairings and snacking possibilities! 


Chef Michelle has learned from some of the best in the biz when it comes to charcuterie.  She continues to research and collaborate with others in the charcuterie industry to stay on top of current trends and seek out some of the unique items she shares with her customers.

Looking for a custom, personalized board to serve the charcuterie on, we feature Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts cutting boards!  

Let Michelle’s Table put together a little something for your next outing with the gals or guys, for your celebration, or just for a nice evening at home.  From boxes and boards to cones, and grazing tables, we provide a bounty of options for you and your guests.  

Charcuterie Cones (individual portioned cones, minimum order 10) 

Date Box (serves 2-4)


Medium Board (serves 6-8)

Large Board (serves 10-12)

Extra Large Board (serves 14-16)

Custom Boards & Grazing Tables Available 
Please contact for more information and pricing 

*48-hour notice for orders preferred. Additional fees may apply for less than 48 hours. 
**Delivery charge(s) may apply

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