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Warm weather means farmers markets and FredVends!

The City of Fredericksburg, my home town, becomes a bustling metropolis during the warmer months. Trollies and tours, carriage rides and rickshaws, Frist Fridays and Sip and Strolls become part of our vocabulary once that first good day of sun and warmth happen. William St., Princess Anne St., Caroline St. and all the others that make up the quaint community of this historic town, become flooded by pedestrians making their way from one great downtown spot to the next. With the local farmer’s market and growing number of amazing eateries, drinking establishments, galleries, coffee shops, and the like, it was only a matter of time before the city and others took notice of her endless possibilities.

Cue, Heather Dodd and FredVends. Heather, has lived in the Burg since 2015 and quickly fell in love with its quaintness and unique offerings. In May of 2022 she started FredVends.

FredVends is a vendor market seeking out fresh talents, artisans and creative folks looking for a place to sell their products and services. The market has featured jewelry makers, potters, bakers, wood-workers, and other local/small businesses, including yours truly, Michelle’s Table.

This market has allowed me to meet so many amazing business owners and talents of the community. It’s not just a place for us to sell our goods, but it’s become a place where as business owners we can network, collaborate and share ideas. Also, I don’t think there has been a market yet, where I didn’t buy something, or some things from other vendors. It’s a big support group and I know I have made lasting acquaintances.

The FredVends markets pop up in downtown Fredericksburg in places like Hurkamp Park, Wild Hare Cider Pub, and Haley’s Honey Meadery. Most recently FredVends has signed on to host markets during Fredercksburg’s First Fridays at Hurkamp Park. It’s a testament to Heather’s good work when the First Friday’s Market in April, was rainy and cold, but there were still over 20 vendors set up and ready for the public. Fredericskburg’s First Fridays happen to host the city’s Sip and Stroll, so we encourage you to grab a beverage from one of your favorite participating eateries or drinking establishments, and check out all of the amazing vendors at the market!

Heather has also taken FredVends on the road to places like Eden Try Winery and Adventure Brewing North. With some new venues opening and some existing venues wanting in on the genius that Heather has created, you can now also find FredVends popping up at places like The Estate at White Hall Vineyard, Full Distance Brewing, Log Home Brewing and others.

Make sure to follow FredVends on Facebook at FredVends, Connecting Small Business With Community, and on Instagram at fredvends for details on upcoming markets. Or, shoot Heather an email at and see how you can get involved with this amazing opportunity!


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